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WTF @ dirty-ass Chicago?

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    I can not believe that New Orleans isn't higher on the list. Vile vile city in terms of filth. The whole place smells of piss. At least Chicago is only pissy on off days.
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    Read that this morning in the Red Eye, Daley was pissed. New York was no. 49 so I don't feel so bad...........
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    We scored 18 for sanitation but ummmmmmmmm weren't those guys dealing heroin, or was that another department?
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    man this is BS.. Thanks Gary.. Thanks Maywood...

    100 miles of urban sprawl bringing us down.... even DeKalb is a suburb now. heh.

    like buffalo there.. just a shithole... but what 500k people there? chicago 3 million..

    not fair really....

    remember.. according to "The Green Guide" Chicago is one of the top greenest cities...

    so we have that anyway. heh. =)
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    i wouldnt expect chicago to be that high on the list, with a coal fired power plant 4 miles from the center of the city, but its got to be better than nyc.

    unless there the fact that nyc doesnt have a super highway going through the center of it makes a diffrence
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