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Justin got mugged at knifepoint!

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    That's twice now.

    How many times have you been mugged (me: 0)

    Do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
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    I've been knifed at rape point in my neighborhood. Didn't feel too safe this weekend with all the drunken revelry. My solution: stay home and do laundry. Being a loser rules.
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    knifed at rape point? Raped at knifepoint? Seriously?
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    Yes, seriously? Hope big J's OK too.

    We had probably the doziest weekend ever. The Dominicks 100yds from our house caught fire big-time yesterday. A friend called us about it 6 hours later and we were like 'what fire?'. Mind you, we hot-footed it pronto up there for some excellent voyeurism.
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    No, not seriously. I was just making a play on words and Marc's fascination (at least his previous fascination) with the idea that living in my new neighborhood would lead straight to rape for me.
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    Either rape or a slow, spiraling descent into H addiction courtesy of your junky pals across the street ;)

    Bloke - I popped by the Dominick's last night too! Amazing stuff that... stopped by again this morning and took some crappy pictures of the smouldering remains from someone's roof across the parking lot. (I was taking pics with my cameraphone and some guy was like, "You can take those from up here if you want!")
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    Mugging #2 for me since living in Chicago.

    I'm okay, actually this has been relatively painless considering what *could* have happened. It's been a pain in the ass, but things are mostly sorted out now... still waiting for new CC's & need to get a new mouse & glasses.

    No new holes in me though, so that's good. Minor bruises... and somebody found my driver's liscence in the street, so that's a bonus.

    I'll tell you guys all about it on Thursday, the story's better if I can do the voices & actions.

    Also, I'm uh... still really, um, shook up... yeah, so... feel free to buy me beers out of sympathy :) haha
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    Good to hear. I was worried you might have been tempted to try your Vulcan nose-grip death technique, thus leaving both his knife-laden arms free.
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    where were you at justin, can you give me exact street intersections? So I know where to avoid.
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    Belden & Kimball.

    So basically avoid my house at all costs... because it was right around the corner.
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    not sure how well this works with knives, but...

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    note the image title...

    there's bound to be a "palm_smash_knife.jpg" out there somewhere
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    shit that sucks.

    my friend steve lives a block or two from there also.
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