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So this poor horse bolted tonight; came right at me

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    Walking to the bus at Erie/Wells; heard this rumbling behind me. Turned, and a horse dragging one of those carriages on its side was heading right for me.
    'Fuck' I thought. Got out out the way sharpish, the horse carried on east on Erie (knocking a few cars on the way). I called 911; had to pronounce 'horse' in an American accent ('horrrse') before she could understand what I was saying.
    A little further on, the horse had broken free of the carriage so I whipped out the phone:


    God knows where the horse went; hope the cops didn't shoot it. Anyone hear anything about this?
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    PETA is to blame no doubt, damn that Goat Peta why couldn't he have remained a fictional charater in some Swiss childrens book......
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    Fuck man... that's scary stuff. Poor fucking horse. I feel awful for the city carriage horses at the best of times.
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    From the Trib:

    Horse-drawn carriage crashes, horse loose

    Tribune staff reports
    Published June 23, 2005, 5:54 AM CDT

    A horse was briefly loose in downtown Chicago and a woman was injured Tuesday evening after a horse-drawn carriage crashed into a late model Cadillac.

    The carriage, which was unoccupied except for a female operator, struck the side of the car at 6:25 p.m. in the 100 block of West Erie Street, police spokesman Sgt. Robert Cargie said. The carriage overturned and the horse became freed from the reins, police said.

    The horse galloped down the street and was corralled minutes later about 1 ½ blocks away. The horse was uninjured and the carriage operator sustained injuries to a leg and declined medical attention, police said.

    The driver of the Cadillac was not injured and no citations were issued, police said.
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    Damn... straight out of the old west.

    Runaway stagecoach!
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    Cool - horsey was alright.

    That could have been a lot worse. Amazing how powerful horses are; it was digging deep grooves in the road with that carriage. I got the shit kicked out of me by one when I was a kid, so i'm more than a little scared of them. And small black cats.

    I tell you, what with Justin's mugging, Dominicks burning down and mad horses in the can only be THE RAPTURE.

    *runs out and buys emergency bible
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