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Can a prof make your final 80% of your grade?

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    so everyone knows i basically fucked this quarter of school up due to my little visit to the hospital... any who it made me miss about three class meetings. which when you only meet 10 times every quarter is a lot.

    now i've been emailing back and forth with my professor to try to schedule my midterm since i've gotten out of the hospital. the man emails me back every two weeks which has made it impossible to schedule my midterm. he finally emails me today to say this:

    I will offer you another option:

    Use the final exam grade for both your midterm and final weightings (with this option, you do not need to take a midterm make-up and final exam has double weighting). Thoughts?

    That means that my final will account for 80% of my freaking grade?!?! Now I'm pretty confident that I know the information for the final, it's not comprehensive etc... but still, it's 80% of my grade if I bomb it.

    Can he actually do this? Should I do this? I think i'm going to have a heart attack. Any one have any advice?
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    sounds like hes offering an option, which might be easier on you than taking a midterm and a final?

    why is this option freaking you out so much?
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    it's freaking me out because if i mess up i fail and i have a 4.0 right now. that would bring my average down to nothing.
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    But you won't fail! You're a rock star!
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    okay, so i'm going to take the exam at 80% - i will be ready to drink on thursday like a rock star. my test is on the 23rd.

    allie come to alliance - i've been here since two doing homework and i'm still eating this yummy punkin cup cake. it's so freaking good it'll make you drool
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    Damn! Missed you. Next time! Give me a call if you need another study break!
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