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New PICS gallery thing!

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    With comments!

    Go ahead and test it out. Add some comments, have a poke around.

    I just installed it so I want to make sure it isn't crap before I open it up to the rest of the site.

    Also - if it all works out alright, I'll give some of you accounts so that you can upload pics/galleries too. Hurrah!
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    Arse! I just spent thirty minutes uploading a shitload to the thread in Random. I'll see if i can bung them here too once I've had a look.
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    Wow, that's cool, but how would i put some up there myself?
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    Well - I think there need to be sets of parameters established... like, to qualify for upload, pics must contain at least three or four Corks. And, you've got to have more than five or six pics to start a new gallery or something.

    That said, to upload them is dead easy. I give you an account, you visit the upload page and just browse for them and upload them. Then you can add a description to the gallery and pics and Bob's your Uncle...
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    rock on!

    yeah, i have a bunch of pics from lollapalooza and intonation. =)
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