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Emily - Please look at THIS thread

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    ...just don't look at the other one. Tee Hee! *wipes beads of pure mirth from brow*
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    Thanks, I needed that. I just discovered that the window in my extra bedroom is broken. Good times.
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    Broken by crackhead burglars? Or rambunctious kittens?

    You got a birthday email just like Andy did last week!

    I can't paste it into the drinks thread though because there's some name replacement jiggery-pokery. Hurrah!
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    I know, I feel very special thank you.

    Do you think it would be possible for my kitty to break the window? I was thinking it might be wind or car explosion related. I didn't really get a chance to check it out before I left, I just grabbed the litter box, put it in another room and closed the door.
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    I totally never looked at the other thread. Am I really allowed to now?
  • edited December 1969
    I would say so, yes.
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