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Opening it up a little?

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    How about... I add a new forum (Bike/drink/events + Events & Planning + Random + Admin Chatter) and let anyone see the first one and the associated calendar... but only current members would be able to see E&P and Random. And only current Admins would be able to see Admin Chatter.

    So, then there'd be three levels of event - those open to the world (weekly drinks? Weekly bike rides?) those open to existing members (parties and days o' fun) and those open to admin/cool kids (BBQs and the like...)

    We'd get more fresh blood in because people would be able to come in and see what was going on in that one forum. We could cherrypick the ones we liked to invite to be part of the group that can see the other two... and still have private places to talk about other shit...

    What does everyone think?
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    The only thing that bothers me was a comment that Karen made the other week about how if we build up a bike side to all of this it is just another thing for me to abandon when Tiffin comes along :P
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    But I think it would be fucking cool to get a big weekly ride group together, just to cruise around the city and have fun with... slow pace, fun times... then more people together in a group for mass and races and whatever else.
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    NM - just spoke to Naz and he's already got a forum in the works for Chicago cycling. And a regular Wednesday night thing planned. No point in overlapping effort since his will probably be quite nice.

    Bit miffed that we didn't get to it first but I'm happy that somebody is doing it.
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    talking to yourself a lot lately, huh? :)
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    Seriously... is there an echo?
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    .. and i say it's prolly for the better. bringing in all those bikers would prolly have fucked up the nice personal thing we have going here. like, where else can you post 5 messages without being interrupted by some ass with an opinion?

    [Tumbleweed blowing across the screen]

    btw, the quote falsely attributed to Karen was actually mine. However, we are quite interchangeable in many ways.
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    So, is there a ride happening this Wednesday then?
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