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Day of Fun planning thread

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    It's that time of year kids.

    I thought last Summer's foray by the lake was pretty great. How's about making it happen all over again....

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    Could do another by the lake. Or a water park. Or some other stuff... I had a bunch of awesome ideas but they've been forgotten now. We should do something soon. I love fun!
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    Yes, that was a blast last year. Same toys this year, plus:

    1. Lots of chairs
    2. Grills (2 - vegetable and meat)
    3. Concealed booze containers
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    Water park would be fun too... but I did enjoy the freestyle planning last year.


    • 1 large field
    • Various sporting goods
    • Food
    • Fireworks
    • Approximately 1 dozen corks

    Heat all afternoon & enjoy.
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    I've got a big bag of fireworks left over from something last year.
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    I enjoyed last year but also enjoyed the democratic nature of the year before:
    • Everyone gets together
    • Options are presented
    • Votes are tallied
    • Fun is had
    Not that we couldn't do both at some point... the Summer is still quite young.
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    Anyway, what day should we plan for?

    Also, does anyone have a decent soccer ball?
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    I will in a week or so; one that says "England, World Cup Champion Motherfuckers 2006" on it.
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    I want a day of fun today!
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    Laser tag or paintball! Those were just two of the fun things I had forgotten!
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