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Video Thread

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    To unclutter the 'workplace distractions' thread...

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    Video above: What happens when you frighten an owl? On TV. In Japan.
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    Awesome amounts of cute:
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    Video posting tip - strip the object tags from around the embed ones.
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    Darth Vader being a smartass.
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    Live action version of the first level of Super Mario Bros.

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    Fucking cool:

    More info:
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    Nice! We'll have to make a whiz-bang one time. Tightly-knotted bin liner on a stick, suspended over a bowl of water. Light the end, and melting drops 'whizz' through the air before 'banging' into the water. Similar visuals to the strobe thing, though being a bit stoned helps.
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    English scenesters + AfterEffects = awesome!

  • 5 years or so.

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    Can I play?

  • Loving that robot one, and the fact that English lads always look the same as each other.
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    Gimme Gimme Octopus

    Bizarre Japanese children's TV from the 70's. We had a bunch of episodes of this show on tape in college & watched them nearly every day.

    *justin coughs & passes it to the left
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    I want some bump keys. Not sure what for but I really want to try it out.

    Chase - I hope Keri watches your Snorks video... she'll shit.
  • Poor stupid bastard probably burnt a giant hole in his ass.
  • Can't believe I'm posting a fucking Coke ad...

  • I picked up some Red Eye pages this morning and put them in the bin. Did he do that? No. I'm therefore cooler.
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    Kersal Massive! REPRESENT!

    (Note: I'm looking forward to seeing this reenacted by the UK corks sometime soon.)
  • ...we know how to rop..

  • turtle massive?
  • I'm not embedding this one... fucking dirty little monkey:
  • How the fuck?
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    I have a theory:

    Someone is underneath the table guiding them along with magnets.

    The fish either have some sort of tiny magnetic implant, or have been fed food with magnetic filings.

    Note that the tank is so shallow that there is no other option but swimming with their bellies touching the bottom.
  • ...or they're just really smart goldfish
  • That monkey video is AWESOME!
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    you're right... in the very beginning when they are "swimming" in the straight line after they turn the corner... they are moving pretty fast but their fins are barely moving..... especially the bottom one.... like they are getting dragged totally...
  • Magnets schmagnets. They're clearly some kind of 'ultrafish', trained by a very rich guy on an island somewhere to swim around like that, perhaps to deliver a nerve gas or something. Perfectly possible these days with lasers and chemicals and stuff.
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