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Stoled my car!

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Yes, but in a very smart way.

Hey, am I the only one getting a double log-in thing? I type the combo in once, then have to do it again before i get in. I'm guessing I might have to clear out my cache or something; perhaps a glitch from the old username


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    My truck was brazenly thieved from right outside my new workspace last night.

    I figured a ten-year-old Explorer was relatively safe from theft.

    Go figure!
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    I bet your truck and my wallet are at some Crackhead party somewheres. And your car did seem like it was pretty steal proof, it must be your special brand of luck Ray.
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    Is/was it well covered? Might be able to get back more than it's worth perhaps?
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    that sucks. sorry to hear it.
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    It was covered in dust and bird poop, thats about it.

    No theft or comprehensive on that 10-year old beast.
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