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The Vanilla swap.

edited August 2006 in Admin Chatter
Sounds fresh! I've been looking for an excuse to return to the laser tag arena... to claim the title from my wife!


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    There's a chance that I might have to delete the entire admin chatter forum when I swap over to Vanilla (next week sometime) because I'm not sure it won't just open all of the threads to the public.

    I might not though. I'm just giving y'all a heads-up in case there is anything in here you want to save :)
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    i'll always remember the admin times we've had
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    We'd better get to talking re: the boat soon then. Unless we want to have to do it via e-mail. Have you made Karen "cool" yet?
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    Nope - Karen's not cool :)

    I'm sure there's a way to have hidden discussions for certain groups of users on Vanilla... just might not be able to hold on to old discussions.

    Once we switch over, maybe we should have some sort of poll about other people to invite into the inner sanctum. I'm cool w/ Karen but is there anyone else we're missing?
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    I'm not sure I can be a part of all this without some kind of secret status that validates my ego by making me feel superior to the 'little people'.

    Can we at least invent some kind of covert handshake or decoder ring to take the place of Admin Chatter in propping up my false sense of self-esteem?
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    What Justin said.
  • It's back! Hooray I feel special again.

    Kind of a bummer - I had a window open just then that still had the old corks page open on it. I should have capped it for old times sake.
  • Testing something.
  • And once more.
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    /runs around naked in thread and then proceeds to puke all over it

    Edit: I just learned that a slash is the appropriate way to denote an action. Yay for learning!
  • good job Marc! very cool
  • is there a "mark all as read" button?
  • No. But there could be.
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