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edited August 2006 in Admin Chatter
We need more members now the place is looking better.

Anyone that can read this thread now had the power to:
A) Invite people
B) Approve their applications


  • Or whatever. I'm just bored at work :P
  • Or not. Bastards.
  • Why I'm interested in promoting this site:
    - It would be nice to have a broader user base
    - Once I 'drop off' for a few months (when Auden arrives) I don't want the place to just up and die.

    So, does anyone have ideas on how we could get some reasonably cool people in here over the next couple of months?
  • You guys are the coolest people I know. Sad but true.
  • how do you approve applicants?
  • You'll know when there are some.
  • Click the 'account' tab - the invite friends link is in the left nav there.
  • Does everybody get to approve applicants or just cool kids?

    Also, how do we ban people... /me cackles! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Only the cool kids get to approve people. Not sure if you've got the power to banz0r people... is there a 'change role' link in the left nav when you're looking at someone's profile?
  • Can we have the applicants fill out a questionnaire featuring goofy questions?
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