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Where for drinks this week?

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It has been so long I've forgotten where we like to drink.


  • I vote Phyllis'... unless we want to go back to HV.

    There's only so many nice days left, no need to spend them inside.
  • I do prefer the HV - that Phylis place is a bit of a concretebox (ha ha brilliant!)
  • I have no preference.
  • Which one is cheaper?
  • Too late - I've already posted HV!

    And I think they're about the same price... but Phyllis' is more apt to give you a drink *special* if you ask for it. I was drinking $2 Old Styles last time we were there.
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    I have an idea.. My girl's sister won a party at Mcgee's tavern at 950 W. Webster. She's planning on having it on thursday.. i think we should consider moving the corks to that local...we can all get in on it.... free domestic taps from 6:30 to 8:30... plus most other cocktails during that time for us would only be $2. hey have food as well.... when 8:30 hits everyone can go to carols after =)

    its closer to carols too.....
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    further details... also as part of the party deal is... you can pay $10 on an individual basis to drink the 27 premium drafts they have for free instead of domestics,,, and for an extra hour...

    so if i get there at 6:30 i can pay $10 and drink all their Bass for free until 9:30.....

    if you get there after 7 there is a $4 cover.

    what do you think? its a hell of a deal!
  • here is the invite i just got....

    Thursday Night Free Beer

    McGee's Tavern

    Thursday night 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

    Get there at pre 630 sharp! (There is a whopping $4 cover after 7PM).

    Mention my sister's name (Katie Lash) at the door and you can drink free domestic drafts for 2 hours. If you don't like beer of the USA, you can pay $10 and drink imports from 6:30-9:30. One whole extra hour!!!!

    McGee's Tavern & grill
    950 W. Webster
    Chicago, IL 60614

    McGees is easy to findwere right under the El tracks on Webster (2200N), just east of Sheffield.

    This party includes free domestic draft beer from 6:30-8:30pm for you and as many friends as you would like to bring.

    For those of you who don't like domestic draft beer, McGee's offers an upgrade option for just $10 per person that includes all 27 premium beers we have on tap, plus an extra hour. That's $10 for unlimited premium drafts from 6:30-9:30pm! Additionally, during the time frame of your free party or upgrade, most other cocktails are only $2.
  • I have one word that rhymes with dixie.
  • That was my thought. But free beer is good. But those 'parties' tend to suck ass. But free beer is good.

    But it is already set at Happy Village and we've only got a handful of sunny/pleasant evenings left now.
  • Tempting choice. Cheap beers in a nice beer garden vs FREE beers in a Lincoln Park (yuppyfratrixie) bar. I can't decide, that's a 50:50 choice for me.
  • i dunno.... its laura's sister's friends, some peeps from our work were invited as well.... besides i made a personal vow to ban on happy village.... i can't do it. heh.... plus i want to hit Carols at 9ish.... just thoguht i'd network out the invite.. pass on the savings to the corks =)
  • Not the Happy Village?
  • It would be kinda funny actually, just to see what happened.
  • They'd make snarky comments in hushed tones about me as I ordered a drink. Wait, no, that was last week.

    I imagine a, "You can't come in here! Leave." followed by a, "I just want a beer, I'm not looking to cause any trouble. Can I have a sixer of Old Style?" and then a, "You need to leave RIGHT NOW! I'm calling the police." followed by much ponytail flicking and pink-facedness.
  • well, that's pretty funny.
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    Why are these threads always in admin?
  • Because - the convenience and pleasure of the inner circle is of paramount importance.
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    so, the regular folk only get to find out about where we're going the day before or whatever?

    Anyway, where are we going this week?
  • Phyllis'?

    What's the weather supposed to be like?
  • Phyllis' is warm - Celtic if chilly/rainy.
  • post that shit!
  • I vote for Phyllis, just because I us non-city-workin' folk hate ending up downtown and worrying about parking and such.

    I can't wait till it's time for Jake's. Moist panties.
  • So... this week looks shitty but is telling me that Thursday is supposed to be sunny and pleasant.

    Since we've got to decided (per Justin's new rules) on a drinking spot before tomorrow - where's it going to be?
  • I saw a cool-looking one on the bus yesterday - "Old Timers" on Lake and Michigan. Mad sleazy. Worth a look-see though maybe not this week. My pal Anna from Cambridge will be joining us this week, so let's Limey it up a bit somehow.
  • 'Limey it up' means Celtic, right? I'm cool w/ that. Feels like that sort of week.
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    I vote Celtic or Jake's.
  • No love for Old Timers or Hogs n Honeys?! I'm going to vote for JAKES since it's cheaper. Ooh and conveniently close to home.
  • Old Timers actually has fantastic drink specials. I've been there before after work.
  • Celtic? Old Timers?
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