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I am trying to drum up some engineering type business in Peoria, finding places that use autocad-like software (Pro-E and Alias, Maya, etc) around there.

I know some of you guys (Keri?) are from that area... do you know anyone at Caterpillar, or other engineering-sorts-of-places like that, around there?

I'm looking for just some companies, some local contacts that might know more, or better yet, a local contact at a place like Cat.


  • I went for a club bike ride when I was down there a few weeks ago and half of the guys were Cat. Not engineers - mostly execs...
  • I have some alien parasites I would like them to serve as hosts for.

    I mean, I would like to ask them if they would like to get their guys some training. Some really good training in Pro-E, etc.
  • Sorry, I don't know many people who still decide to live in Peoria so not many contacts here I'm afraid. I know lots of Dentists, but I'm pretty sure they don't use auto-cad :)
  • Any local contacts would be appreciated... especially Markle's... and there is the same program available for them that I took advantage of... federal and state money to pay for training if they qualify.

    So, even for the guys that Cat might be laying off or firing, or for people that WANT to get hired by Cat but aren't quite up to snuff, this is a win-win-win situation for many people.

    Hell, a stack of resumes from their trash bin would be valuable leads for me, in this case, even.

    Also, just knowing about companies that are vendors / subs for Cat, would be good.
  • I know two engineers in their (CAT'S) International Division, one is in Peoria, and one is in Decatur (see how international it is?) but they might be able to provide you with some leads. I'll have him email you, and maybe get something started.
  • Thank you kevin! That'll be super.

    This whole engineering-related thing is going to be something I'm interested in in a lot of other cities too... so, its quite legit and a Good Thing, especially if I can help someone take advantage of the federal/state training funding, which was a great thing for me, opened up a lot of new opportunities.

    Where would be ok to stay, for a saturday night this weekend, in Peoria?
  • Why the Mark Twain of course.
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    They can't get Marc's name right though...
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    Justin's dad has worked at Caterpillar for the last 30 years. or something. a long time :)
  • Totally the Mark Twain! Request the Cat corporate rate and make sure you request one of the renovated rooms, though they should have finished all of them by now. It was a splendid place to stay.
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    Does it ever bother you and Andy that both of your girlfriends got married to the same douche that weekend?
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