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edited August 2006 in Events & Planning

Soundbombs have an integrated sound module, triggered by a motion detector that blurts out a comment when someone passes by. Sit behind the bushes and entertain yourself and others for hours.


-Place in front of a crappy restaraunt and record: "This place blows- go make some Easy-Mac."

-Place in women's dressing room at Bergdorf's and record: "Do I look fat in these jeans?"

-and of course, fart noises.

crossposted from, but i figured you folks might like fart noises.


  • edited August 2006
  • I want one.
  • back to an old subject....


    is there a sound INPUT to a buddha box, or is it just a playback of nine preinstalled ambient sounds?

    and.... is there a good source of a general purpose sound-bite-playing device?

    I have a desire to make things like programmable doorbells and car horns, that would allow me to mix and upload my own sounds, ringtone-style.

    it has evil implications, I know, but ... i wanna.
  • I've got a Buddha Machine! No sound inputs - just the pre-recorded loops. Fucking love that thing.

    I'm not sure if they'd have what you're after but check: for programmable *things*
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