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Who's got some crutches to loan out?

edited September 2006 in Random
Fortunately they are not for me.

A friend of mine is a bit ... reckless. He has a habit of skateboarding on a half-pipe sort of arrangement in the loft next to his office, and took a spill last night, spraining his ankle.

Not that he has health insurance (yes, foolish but not uncommon)

He had a pair of crutches around the office here but someone's walked off with them. (hobbled?)

Since crutches are the sort of thing that sometimes accumulate (at one point I think there were three pairs in my household, gathering dust) I wondered if someone on JC would have a spare pair that they would not mind loaning out or giving away.


  • I think Todd might...I'll ask him.
  • Steal some off a handicapped person! They'll never catch you.
  • Or a homeless person. They're always hobbling around at Lake & Michigan.
  • haha
    I actually do have a wheelchair but it may or may not be broken... a friend of mine found it by a dumpster a long long time ago, and didn't want to keep it because he though it'd bring him bad luck
  • a pair of crutches apparently costs $80!
  • Are they something you can rent? Seems logical that you could. Your friend should check at that little shop that is on Chicago between Damen & Ashland.
  • any thrift store [try village or salvation army] always has a ton of crutches, usually about 3 bucks a pair. back during my years of art school, I'd buy a bunch of them and make crutch sculptures in my apartment.

    those were some crazy years alright.
  • We have a crutch sculpture here at work. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I took it down.
  • Sean posted!
  • Hell has frozen over.
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