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Kitchen Pass Drinks: Wednesday

edited November 2006 in Admin Chatter
Keri and the baby (sitcom idea?) are out of town on Wednesday - shooting down to Peoria ahead of me...

Anyone want to meet up and get drunk?

I'm thinking after work through about 10:00-11:00 since I've got to get up early on Thursday.

Maybe over in Liquor Park? Or somewhere else depending on who is interested.


  • In! All I have to do Thursday is stagger out of bed and bung the turkey in the oven. Let's see who else is in and adjust the bar according to location.
  • If it is just us - I nominate Jake's... maybe followed by a stagger to L&L. I miss both bars terribly.
  • If other people are down, then we can shift West or South accordingly.
  • You'll notice this is in Admin too... don't want the riff-raff when there's so much catching up to do with the real friends!
  • Snob! Fine with me actually. I would be totally up for L&L/Jakes.
  • In. Jakes & L&L are golden with me.
  • Jake's it is! Huzzah!

    Shall we say 6:00?
  • Yes yes yes! Did you see what just happened on humhum? Onehugeeye just schooled me at noughts and crosses. I'm humiliated!
  • Missed it. I'll have to pop over now and see.
  • The shame...
  • Does everyone get out early tomorrow? They're setting us free at 3.
  • Oh yeah - didn't even think about that. Probably.
  • hey, i might be up for it but not too early... since you can leave the house, why not really leave the house. i mean further than just crossing the street...
  • Posted By: HauteKrautywhy not really leave the house
    I thought about it... but I miss Jake's. And I miss the L&L. There's nowhere that much further afield that really sang out to me as a place that I should visit.

    Why knows what will happen when we get some beers in us though?
  • Looks like Sal's coming along if that's alright. Plus, we're getting off at 3 too. 6 still works at Jake's though, as that gives me time to cue up a big trifle for tomorrow.
  • 6? If I go home there will be no prying me off the couch. Is this some sort of conspiracy to properly "sausage" up the whole event?
  • No! Gina's coming along too, though not sure what time yet. Go home, change your socks and have a nice cup of tea and a jammie dodger by which time it'll be 5 and time to head down to Jakes.
  • I am totally in (I think!). I get off at around 1pm so anytime after is kosher. Also, I have the Nintendo WII, if the Markle Sparkle or anyone wanted to stop by before or after Jake's for some bowling, golf, baseball, boxing or tennis -- or perhaps you would like to perform some surgery in Trauma Center? OMG!

    But seriously. Jake's. Awesome.
  • Marc - I think you should let everyone know about drinkies. One or two might want to join in, you know?
  • Post the thread, if you want. Seems a bit late in the day though... and I told a couple of other people about it anyway.
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