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ever been hassled over a 1" button you wore?

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I tried to meet up with jollycorks over at Black Beetle, but as usual, I didn't leave for it til everyone had already left from it. Damn early drinkers.

The door guy, however, was hassling me over a button I wore (not my jollycorks button, though, that would be .... an interesting development.) and this was the first time anyone has ever, I think, commented on a button I've worn since high school.


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    So... are you going to tell us what was printed on this mystery button?

    I get hassled over my Halloween Moustache Club one all the fucking time. One time a group of guys chased me down a blind alley and beat the shit out of me, each taking turns afterwards to piss on my bag, aiming (apparently) for the button. Awful stuff. I still wear it though.
  • Well, ok, it wasn't entirely unexpected.

    I can't find an image of it online... amazing..

    It said "I (heart) War"

    Its not serious, man.
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