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NY Times article about those crazy kids and their "fixies"


  • i'm not going into my thoughts about fixies on the street... but one guy in the slide show said some dumb stuff. two of his reasons for not riding a standard bike with gears and brakes was because "after two weeks of riding in the rain you have to replace your brake pads, and after a few months of hard riding you have to replace your rear cassette".

    now i don't do a lot of riding in the rain, but i can say that even riding all day long your brake pads would last way more than two weeks. as for the "hard riding", i'm not sure i know how hard he's riding, but the chain would break before you destroyed your rear casette. what about how much money you waste on tires from skidding to stop, and i haven't priced knee surgery lately, but i think it's a little more expensive than brakes.

    sorry to rant, but it's such a lame fashion trend...
  • I'm with Kevin on this one.

    Though, I guess I'm a more powerful rider than he is because I've gone through a couple of rear cassettes, you chip a tooth in a big push and that compromises the whole thing - you lose the tooth and then it skips and jumps and you lose more teeth and the whole thing is buggered.

    I've also snapped a crank. I'm so awesome.

    That said, you could just as easily do that on a fixie.
  • Two excellent things about San Diego/bikes:
    1. Lots of hills = nobody rides fixed/SS
    2. It is always the exact perfect temperature to go out for a bike ride. Always.
    That said, I still have yet to get out on mine.
    *cries the tears of a busy man with a dead soul...
  • whats a fixie?
  • Christian - a fixie is a single-geared bike, usually ridden by blokes with big beards and lots of video equipment. The word 'fixie' is short for "fall off when you have a go on one and realise too late that it doesn't freewheel".
  • excellent explanation, andy. this should go on wikipedia. now!
  • any one of hear of the free design...well they have a lil diddy called....."fixed gears are fun"....

    or wait...maybe its kites......well any way.......they're both fun
  • I rode a fixie as a kid. The back tire was pretty bald by the time I was done with it. All this time I was a hipster and din't even know it.
  • yeah, i miss my big wheel too.
  • Seb- THIS is a BIg Wheel!
    from your "this is the way we live..." song.
  • man i loved that skid brake! and the noise they made when rocks got in the wheels eventually..
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