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ftw I have a sailboat

So, evidently some good karma came back around and I will be the owner of a 26' Columbia sailboat tomorrow.

This is not the boat itself, but its a fair representation of it:


We shall see, but the title is supposed to be on my desk tomorrow at some time...


  • How in the heck did you manage to swing something like that?
    Can you sail?
  • * runs out and buys eyepatch, begins study of pirate code
  • From Viz:
    - Gentlemen, considering buying a boat - save yourself the trouble by standing in a cold shower and having your wife flush £10 notes down the toilet!
  • I'm doing a site for a guy who has a yacht cleaning and maintenance business ... he's giving it to me! Plus, a year's storage and a spot in a south side harbor.

  • Aye but is she seaworthy lad?
  • i used to know how to sail when i was a lot younger, it's really fun
  • I'll be inspecting it once I get back from NYC, but yes! I hear she is seaworthy ... and she is currently named Big Bess, how fun is that?
  • I'll give you $20 to rename her the Jolly Cork
  • Man, I remember that Viz quote! Hey, I used to sail quite a bit out of Burnham harbor. With a bit of practice I could re-learn my bowlines and help you out. Cool as school!
  • Seriously considering "Jolly Cork" ... it sort of bobs in the water now, without power or sail, its somewhat apt. Pics to come.
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