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Buy Mac OS X Tiger or wait for new Mac OS X Leopard??????

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I need a new computer. Tired of the old Dell and want to go bak to the beloved Mac. I know the new Mac Leonard operating system comes out in October. Should I wait until then or go ahead and buy the Tiger now? I'm not a technical person so want to make sure I'm making the right investment.

Opinions appreciated. Thanks!


  • If you will be making $$$ with your Mac, by all means buy now and don't sweat the OS upgrades... upgrade your Mac OS only when you absolutely have to to keep up with the software you are running. Running out and getting the latest OS (for Mac or Windows!) just to be the first on the block to get it, means you will be the first on the block to figure out all the issues it brings with it. OS upgrades are not "service packs" unless specifically described as such, and should be avoided, in my opinion, unless you have *a good reason.*

    Mac Leonard?

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    generally i wouldnt wait.
    what are you going to install the os on?
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    and should be avoided, in my opinion, unless you have *a good reason.*

    Is "it just came out & it looks really cool" *a good reason*... because that's usually mine.
  • OK, i just got a new Mac with Leopard. Is it just me, or is it kinda shitty? Alot of my programs (Photoshop, Office, Illustrator...) wont even open. I get the "application has unexpectedly quit" message.

    Do I need buy the latest versions of all those programs, or should I just re-install Tiger?
  • I did have problems with the cracked version of CS3 i had... the apps would crash on leopard.... i had to get new installer cracks

    other than that leopard is hot
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