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We'll miss you Emily!

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Off to the mile high city (state?)...where I am sure you will get back into that Denver groove with no problem and have tons of great stories possibly involving mr. pac man,ahem. :)

It was sad to say farewell today, but it was good to see you!

So glad to have had the times here in Chicago with you!


  • Sorry I missed you Saturday, Emily - good luck with everything and see you soon I hope.

  • Au revoir emily.

    Should we put you on the map as a pit stop for the next Chi > SD road trip?
  • Sorry I missed you Em.. Good luck back in Denver!
  • Good luck in Denver Emily!! I was just looking at the Camp Fennimore pics last night. Aaaaah the memories or lack of memories in some cases.
  • Hey Em. sorry I didn't get to see you before you left, good luck with everything and stay in touch through the cork board.
  • Happy trails, Em! I am sure Mr. Pacman, Vanya, Kim, etc. are happy to have the original Saki Bomb karaoke queen back in Denver, but we'll miss you!
  • EM - Chicago Corks will not be the same without you - or your Mom.
    well you are still a Cork no matter where you are. I'm sorry I didn't see you before you left but I hope to see you again real soon - on my road trip or yours.
  • Emily update to let us know when you arrive(d) in Co. :) I bet you have some good roadtrip stories!
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    Thanks to you for good times and great laughs over the last two years Em! Truly. Take care out West.

    If you want, print these out and take them with! They may come in handy.

  • Thanks Pardners!

    I am going to miss all of you and Denver must be the new gateway between San Diego and Chicago.

    I got into Denver last night around 9:30 pm after 3 days of travel that took us through Indiana (to see relatives, we knew it was not on the way), Missouri, Kansas and finally back to Colorado.

    I wish I could have seen all of you, but am sure we will all be seeing each other again soon.

    Special thanks to my crack team of helpers, Karen, Tari & Seb, Bahareh and Todd. Without you I would have been just a sad, sweaty, pool who would be in my apartment still.

    Go Cubs! Go Rockies!

    I am so confused!

  • Denver is better anyway. I loved that city.
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    How's that sinkhole, Marc? Funny how we don't have GINORMOUS SINKHOLES CAPABLE OF SWALLOWING ENTIRE HOUSES here in the fine city of Chicago.

    Or that kid of yours is pretty damn big. Hmmmm... did you let him play outside the other day or something.

    And, now that I'm done mocking Marc and Keri's spawn, Emily, as soon as I know the deal on your shipment I shall contact you.

    Have fun!
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    "Shipment". What on earth could be in that "shipment"? Perhaps Emily's already pining for the food. Are you sending her a nice hot dog or something, Karen?
  • That whole landslide thing is being overblown by the news - it is only a mile or so from my office and nobody cares. Mt. Soledad is where all the super rich fuckers live.
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