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fall bar list?

edited October 2007 in Events & Planning
on this cool chicago day, it occurs to me that the corks need a list of indoor drink spots.

How about Celtic Crossings tomarrow?


  • I was just thinking that. Close to work, plus I've got Friday off. Who's in? Speak up, you slack bastards!
  • If i get out of work in time I'll stop by! How late do you think y'all will stick around?
  • Andy - Emily gave us your computer and it is in Todd's car! This doesn't have anything to do with drinks but I just thought of it. :)
  • You should have hung onto it Emily!

    Y'all still up for a Guinness later? Gina's popping in too, I'll be there around 6. Day off tomorrow, la la la!
  • can't - so sad - brisk enough for a good pint - nutz
  • edited October 2007
    rats! I'll be at work till at least 7- how long do you plan on staying Andy?
  • Not much past that, I'm afraid - trip/flight tomorrow. Prob not beyond 8.
  • I'll skip it then, maybe next week will be better for people.
  • I inadvertantly hung on to part of it Andy. Send me your address and it will arrive in the post at some point.
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