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Halloween videos n stuff

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    Reportedly, Target stores are carrying the scarcely seen Frankenberry & Booberry cereals for the month of October ONLY!
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    I'm totally nicking this blinky trick
  • Booberry is a badass.

  • Count Chocula?
  • count chocula is always for sale i think.
  • see how much I know about vampire cereals?
  • how can you tell if a vampire is lazy?
  • bahareh... have you been hanging out here all day?
  • well if she hadn't been then she will be now :)
  • T's so right.

    answer: he uses leeches.
  • That site had the exact same joke and answer! Funny!

    Another vampire joke:
    How can you tell if a vampire is getting old?

    She's getting long in the tooth.
  • I don't get the leech one. The vampire would still have to bite the leech, wouldn't he/she? Or maybe eat the whole thing in one, like a big slimy blood lozenge. Yes, I guess it would work then.

    Q: What's a vampire's favourite record label?

    A: Virgin!

    I just made that up! By the gods, you couldn't buy better, I'm telling you.
  • Who'd win in a fight-Booberry, Count Chocula, or Frankenberry?
  • bump! It's that time of year again!

    I love old Halloween photos:



  • Justin - Frankenberry & Booberry cereals are now limited edition cereals and only come out during the halloween season.
  • I was also fooled by the title of this thread. I thought it was going to be about good movies or maybe not so good.

    Anyone have some recommendations?
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    heh, sorry Rick-I was going to retitle it (thread was started last year), but I don't know how to retitle.

    Perhaps our Administrators can do that?

    My favorite horror movies are (in no particular order):
    American Werewolf in London
    The Mummy (the original)
    Curse of the Demon (one of the best atmospheric horror movies of its time)
    Black Sheep (also under comedy)
    the Evil Dead trilogy
    Dead Alive (also comedy)
    White Zombie
    Kill baby kill (awesome atmosphere)

    For comedy:
    Transylvania 6-5000
    Haunted Honeymoon

    Also good (though not favorites):
    Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters
    The Host
    The Haunting
    Most Mario Bava and Dario Argento

    Ones I haven't seen but want to:
    Hercules in the Haunted World
    Spider Baby
    Bad Taste
    The (new) Thing
    The Fog

    Entertainingly B:
    Ginger Snaps
    Carnival of Souls
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    I reccomend (almost all of) this Showtime series.

    2 seasons worth of one-hour original short films directed by notable horror directors from Tobe Hooper to Takashi Miike. Good stuff.
  • I edited the above post to reflect that the entertaining b movies aren't dumb, (jeer perhaps too strong a word). I actually liked both movies, just think they're fun to watch in a group.
  • Also, I know not everyone is into anime, but Vampire Hunter D is great.
  • Thanks for your list B, I have seen most of the movies you listed. Vampire Hunter D is pretty good.

    The New Fog is pretty lame, I would suggest skipping that movie.

    The (new) Thing is that the John Carpenter movie or is there a newer film?

    Quarantine looks very good, I heard the original is pretty awesome, and the US version is supposed to be based exactly on the original.

    Justin, I have never heard of that series. Is it on netflix?

    I recommend the original Pumpkin Head, Hellraiser and Nightbreed(not really horror, but still creepy)
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    It's on DVD & they have them on Netflix. Speaking of John Carpenter, I believe he directed a couple.

    I'd especially recommend the following:

    • The Washingtonians (funny)
    • The Screwfly Solution
    • Dream Cruise
    • Family
    • Pelts

    Showtime also did a "Masters of Science Fiction" series, but I haven't seen any of that.
  • 'new' Thing I was confused and meant 1982 Thing. I was thinking of something else from the 30's as the 'old' Thing. In confusing myself, I thought there was a newer Thing than the 1982 version. heh!

    Quarantine is in theaters, right?
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    Remember Witch Hazel from Looney Tunes? Those episodes always cracked me up.

  • And this is hands down one of the best cartoons ever (I'm partial to the Pink Panther).

  • i've been downloading True Blood - anyone else?

    i love it - but i like anything vampiric
  • I read the first book in that series and thought it was ok (I like the premise a lot, but the writing was mediocre). I was super excited about true blood, since I love six feet under and vampires, but I'm not hooked on it the way I was with say, buffy. :) I've only watched the first 3 episodes, though. The opening credits sequence is very cool and creepy.
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