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Ice Skating at Millenium Park

edited December 2007 in Events & Planning
For the record, I am in *favor* of this motion, the movement about the rink in a clockwise (or counter-clockwise) direction. And also, I am in favor of the hot chocolate, *with* marshmallows AND the whipped cream. AND, with the peppermint schnapps.

Really, if anyone up to it, I'm raring to go ... I got my own skates, despite being a completely unskately person. I can barely go around without falling or holding onto anything. I just want to go often, and get better... and have fun doin' it. Millennium Park is open 10-10, the other rink just off of Randolph is open shorter hours but is good for overflow (nobody much knows about it) ... there is an indoor rink somewhere on N. California Ave. that I haven't been to... and 7 other rinks in the city park system.


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