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Good rainy day movies

edited April 2008 in Random
Endless Summer to warm you up, American Werewolf in London-apropos spooky movie!


  • hmm, deja vu...I feel like we've had the same thread before and I posted these same movies.

    Well, at least I'm not posting about flying or cats.
  • i like the tbs style hughes or hughes-era ones

    one crazy summer
    great outdoors
    high fidelity

    anything cusack really
  • Nah, all chick flick bollocks.

    I vote Patton
    The Longest Day
    Kelly's Heroes or
    A Bridge Too Far. Or The Bridge On the River Kwai; now there's another ace film with a bridge in it.
  • What about Bridges of Madison County, andy?
  • LOL!

    Or Jeff Bridges, but only in the Big Lebowski, not that crap dancing one with that girl and another guy who's his brother I think.
  • DIRTY DANCING!!! that sounds great.
  • What about Witness. Eh English? Middle of then road is it not?
  • I'm a big fan of old Film Noir on a rainy day.. The Thin Man is a good point of reference.. :)
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