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Drinks 5/8 :: Happy Village?

edited May 2008 in Events & Planning
Is 55º & sunny still to cold to sit outside?

*Justin pines for summer weather.


  • We've got some out-of-town friends in that night I think, but I'll try and make it / persuade them to join.
  • there was talk of doing drinks/watching lost at floyd's-- kelly, do you have word on that? maybe we could do that this week and happy village next, when it will likely be a little warmer?
  • Another idea:
    Tuesday drinks at Happy Village? It's supposed to be warm tomorrow!
  • I am a little skeptical of watching Lost at a bar. It would probably require watching them on captioning... and there would be a lack of delicious dinner which Rick promised us.

    I do, however, support Happy Village tomorrow.
  • aw, crap. thursday before lost i have to drive to old orchard to meet my mom and give her my dog. not for good! do not fear! she is only watching him while we're in the ATL this weekend!

    it might be warm tomorrow, but it's also supposed to thunderstorm. boo.
  • i'll go whenever, wherever... except wednesday and friday!
  • edited May 2008
    None of you lostwatchers got tivo or torrents or whatever? VHS even?

    I mean goddamn... we gotta upend a thursday-night social institution over a soap opera now? It's going to be NICE OUTSIDE!!
  • edited May 2008
    This dedicated old bastard would never think of missing thursday night drinks... not even for the lost season finale. Not even for the Gilligan's Island reunion special!


    Illinois Man Orders Custom Beer-Can Coffin
  • heh, that's great. What's going on in the background of the photo? It looks like there's a Christmas tree, a deer head, more alcohol...his lovely wife?
  • Don't forget, even if it's uncomfortably chilly at HV... they have ping pong.
  • i think i heard yo mama was a ping pong...
  • Kelly, what does that even mean?
  • I'll make sure I get some sleep the night before and cut outta work on time for once.
  • I agree with Justin (even though I probably won't come to Happy Village) that being a slave to your TV is sooo 1990's.
  • I could maybe do drinks tonight. 8ish.
  • working tonight - cannot do - oh well
    anyone else?
  • Sorry, I guess I am going to stick with Thursday drinks. I'm going to get the keys to the new apartment tonight!
  • chase unfortunately I have to cancel the Lost thing this thursday. I have a client meeting in LaGrange at 7ish and wouldnt be back in time to make food and stuff :( Next week is looking good.
  • You're a wiener.
  • rick - i heard you work in my man's building loop-style, yet you have meetings in la grange...weird.
  • speaking of your man... we saw him riding up elston last night!

    anyway, i'll go to HV on thursday... if it's cold we can relocate or leave.
  • I'm out; curry with out-of-town pals that night.
  • well, we can always play the ping and the pong.
  • Laura - True I do work one floor below Aaron and we park our bikes next to each other... I started a company and one of our clients are out southwest and La Grange is a half way point for us to meet.
  • can't do drinks thurs - we are going to a friend's storytelling event yeah
  • just occurred to me HV is gonna be popular with the smokers this Summer, n'est pas Andy?
  • Oui oui. As Father Ted said "ooh lovely fags". When are you going to be out and about? Haven't seen you in ages.
  • Who's going?
  • well, jb and i will be there. unless no one else is going, then I think we'll be elsewhere.
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