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  • Nice! I'm intrigued by this line:
    "far-away creations like Chicago’s jibarito (steak squeezed between thin, crusty slices of smashed plantain".
    Anyone know where I can score one of those? In the next half hour?!
  • Borrinquen at 1720 N. California.
  • Good work Sgt Griffeth. Now, anyone know if they deliver? I'm not seeing a homepage out there dammit.
  • I don't think they deliver but that sandwich is great along with most things on the menu, especially the tamarind juice drink.
  • edited August 2009
    Fine looking brace of edible racecars there, JB.

    Hmm, how about 'Sportwiches' as a product? Sandwiches you can race or throw about...then eat. I shall invent a science behind it, called "Nutrisportology" and make a killing, a killing!

    I must do something about Marc gave me the log-on details the other day, I can pass them on if you like, since I still don't know shite about doing websites.
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