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Thursday Drinks-5/22 Happy Village

edited May 2008 in Events & Planning
Anyone want to do Thursday drinks at HV tomorrow? It's my last Thursday as a resident UK Villager, and I'm sure going to enjoy a drink tomorrow evening!


  • we have tickets to hideout later but i bet my bike and me could hit hv first
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    no can do. going to see Indy 4!
  • Cool, Laura! What time do you think you'll swing by? I can be there earlyish.
  • I'd love to go, but like a damn fool I signed up for a 3-mile 'corporate challenge' run tomorrow. Three mile run? Fuck, I'm not sure I can WALK that far.
    I might put a small stone in my shoe and limp around the office tomorrow, in which case I'll see you around 6!
  • dun-da-dunt-daaaaa... dun-da-dunnnn... dun-da-dunt-daaAAAAhhh... dun-da-dun.dun.dunt

    Simon, which theater/time are you going. Melissa, Kevin, Kelly, Rick, myself and 3 others are going to River North at 8:30. If you and Carrie were there too, it would be a full on corks night at the theater.
  • Enjoy the show! It's great when he kills the bad guy with his poison-tipped whip end, then really sad when he dies at the end from that monkey bite.
  • Kidding!
  • haha i could be there anytime i would have to take off around 8 so 5:30 HV ? thoughts......
  • Hmm, might not able to get there until 6:30...give me a call and we'll figure it out.
  • edited May 2008
    chase, we got tix for the 7:20 show at the theatre on Western Ave. not sure if that's River North or not....
  • BB lemme know whats going on with HV.....

    i can pop in and/or help you carry some boxes!
  • let's pop by hv, then go take paintings over!
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