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Thursday Drinks 5/29

edited May 2008 in Random
Trying again!
How about Dunlay's? (It'd be too sad for me to go back to UK village so soon after moving).


  • p.s. perhaps early so you guys can go catch Lost?
  • i'm down for drinks, iffin the weather is ok.
  • Yes, terribly slack recently. Mind you it's like fucking February out there today. Hands up who got up shivering and hopping at 2am last night to close the windows!
  • there is also orbit room which is just a little north of diversey, and they supposedly have a nice outside area.
  • it's Taryn's last day at work so we're doing drinks afterwork, sniff :(
    (I'll even miss lost)
  • tell taryn happy trails from me!

    Don't worry, melissa, I'll record lost on the vcr...
  • What the fuck is a vcr?
  • It's okay B, I am recording it on my Video Cassette Recorder so we can watch it at 10.
  • Andy a vcr is like an eight track for dvds and before you ask I've never seen an eight track, I don't believe they made it cross the pond.
  • Hmm, interesting 20th Century magnetic tape based technology.

    I'm out tonight I'm afraid. Trip to Blighty this weekend, too much to do.
  • So just me and kevin? Perhaps our respective home slices? kelly, why don't you bring kovy? you can sit outside at dunlay's with pooches.
  • what time did you want to meet... we have to run to target, the grocery store then come back for lost... so i might only be able to swing by for 3 1/2 minutes... : (

    you should come watch lost if it's only gonna be us at the bar!
  • well, guess no one is going...
    I would, but the landlady has to come by to check on the dishwasher tonight..and I'm getting my new bathroom table!
  • Bathroom table? in case you decide on having a sandwich after/during a shower?
  • Posted By: baharehI would, but the landlady has to come by to check on the dishwasher tonight..and I'm getting my new bathroom table!
    you know they'll just let themselves in... and what the hell is a bathroom table?!?
  • it's just a little stool to put make up, lotions, potions, etc. on.
  • potions? ooooooh, what sorta voodoo you workin' on, b???
  • oh, i got rid of those at the yard sale.
  • stay away from the voodoo...
  • ok, well i guess we can't meet you at the bar... but come over, the show doesn't come on until 8, you'll have time!
  • ooops, read this too late!
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