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Off to England for my Granny's memorial

edited May 2008 in Random
Yep, she made it to 100 in March, but not much further. Terribly ill near the end, so it's not too sad really. She was amazing; here she is on the 20th Jan 1936 with her sister (my Aunty Fanny, who's still very much with us), wearing their grandmother's dresses for a party:


I know the date because King George V died that night and the party was cancelled. Must have been a bummer.

Move forward 60 years, and she sends me these pictures:



Yep, she's just turned 90, and The Man is threatening to take away her precious moped. "Not fucking likely" cries she.

She got really confused near the end though. Here's a picture of age:


Though she did get a message from the queen for hitting 100:


Finally, here's her killer recipe for honeycomb toffee:




  • 100! Begorrah!
    Good going Andy's Nan.
    Is she the one in the left in the 1936 pic? Looks just like you either way.
  • I agree - I picked the one on the left as well.

    i love the pictorial celebration that you shared with us - and that seems what the memorial will be - a great celebration of her long life.

    safe travels and best wishes to your family, Andy.
  • this was a wonderful post. thanks for sharing, andy. we'll be thinking of you!
  • 100, nice one. Best of luck, gonna make that toffee, would real maple syrup work I wonder.
  • Wow, 100! It sounds like she had a long and adventurous life (and we definitely see the wit that she's passed down to her grandson!). Best wishes to you and your family, Andy.
  • Best wishes Andy, this was a really sweet post, thanks so much for sharing. Seems like she was a really special lady!
  • Yep, on the left and I really do look like her, don't I?! Maple syrup should work well Dave, though you do get an unavoidable saltiness from that bicarb of course.

    Off to the church in a few mins. She was one of the first to be christened there, so they're having their 100th anniversary this year too, which is very apropos. I've heard rumblings that my cousin Graham is threatening to display some emotion so it might get interesting. Cheers!
  • my condolences to your family, she sounded like quite a lady.
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