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Corks Fun Day Summer 2008

edited June 2008 in Events & Planning
Let's throw some dates around and see what we can plan!

Maybe get a poll started?

June 28/29
July 12/13
July 19/20


  • whoooho! I thrifted some fancy old badminton rackets a while ago.

    I don't think I have anything going on June 28/29, and my july is pretty open as of right now.
  • Does this mean no one wants to have fun?
  • except Melissa and me, of course...
  • Sorry, forgot to reply. We're free all those weekends as far as I know, would love to go. Might I suggest Lincoln Park area for extra cool breezes (also close to where I live...)
  • What would "Fun Day" entail? Other than fun, of course.
  • haha. We usually gather at a park and play games and picnic--bocce, badminton, frisbee, baseball, volleyball, I dunno...I think there are photos from previous fun days in the photos section.
  • I have a brand new bocce ball set that I am waiting to use.... and I have some new foofy drink recipes.
  • me + foofy drinks = happy.

    How's July 12 or 13 for people?
  • Sounds good to me - I'll check and confirm. I've got this cool pocket kite I've been itching to try out.
  • Kites are a great idea! What is a pocket kite?
  • oooh kites! shall we pin down June 28/29? How about Sunday, the 29th?
  • edited June 2008
    It's made solely out of fabric, so it folds up and fits in your pocket. Mighty big pocket if you ask me, but that's the idea. Sunday works for me best; that's the lazy day of the weekend.
  • Sunday the 29th sounds perfect! Where exactly?
  • I say either humboldt like last time or by the lake as andy suggested....any other ideas?
  • Chuck E Cheese?!?

    Kidding... if we are doing kites wouldn't the lake would be ideal?
  • are kevin's parents invited if they happen to be in town and don't have some tourist spot they absolutely must see right then?
  • Yes of course! I'm probably not much younger than them anyway *sigh*. I really think Lincoln Park should be the venue. Maybe by one of the ponds there - it's beautiful right now. I go through it on the bus each day; I'll scope out a prime spot and let everyone know.
  • What about the belmont area, where we went when Marc was still here?
  • Looks like the 29th might not work anymore for a few does July 12th look for everyone?
  • OK for me!
  • Posted By: rickWhat about the belmont area, where we went when Marc was still here?
    when is marc in town?
    marc when are you in town?
  • No, this was a couple of years ago. Marc's gone all fancy Californulated now and shit.
  • thats what i thought.
    damn traitors going and heading to the coasts..... er ... i mean....
  • I've got a show @ the Empty Bottle on 7/12 but other than that, works for me.
  • So is this happening on the 12th? 13th?
  • what band is playing at the bottle?
  • Let's do it Saturday the 12th, unless anyone has strong objections. Where's the spot?
  • I say we do Humboldt Park!
  • My vote is still the lake for kite flying purposes. I need to get started making this kite.
  • Yes, go to the lake you swines. Humbolt park my ass. Chase - make that kite!
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