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Thursday Drinks 6/4

edited June 2008 in Events & Planning
No Lost tomorrow! Maybe a storm, but if it's not raining, how about Dunlay's? Come on guys, no one's going to drinks...we have to kick off the summer. :)


  • I'm 'bout it.
  • I love how B moves to Logan Square and starts trying to move everyone else there.

    All said, I might join you two lovebirds at Dunlays.
    but what are the other cool bars in Logan Square?
  • Streetside
    The El Cid patio
    Whirlaway, but it's tiny
  • You trying to start a turf war, t? We'll see if you're cool enough to show tomorrow. ;)
  • Green Eye opened their patio (which is a bit loud being under the Western stop) and a new backroom which is bigger than the whole original bar.

    Gallery Cabernet is great during the week. Cheap, I've run into Sal there before.


    Tini Martini
    ... ...
    ... ... ...
    ... ... ... what?
  • streetside, orbit room, kumas, burlington
  • GutGut
    edited June 2008
    Well folks, since I have no practice tonight, I'm in. After speaking w/ Ms. B, she is sold on Dunlay's partially because of it's splendid outdoor seating and view of the boulevards. I would suggest, however, Streetside, which ALSO has outdoor seating and is cooler. And, in keeping w/ the precedence of full disclosure, it must be said that Streetside is a block away from me. Of course, there's Small Bar (sans outdoor seating though..), on the corners of Wellington & Albany, 2 blocks NE of Kedzie & Diversey. What do y'all say?
  • I can't do it tonight. have fun.
  • isnt it supposed to rain tonight?
  • says 30% chance today, clear tonight, rain tomorrow. I am hoping it's just humid and sticky, but no rain. Hmmm. or maybe not, I do hope it rains. Right after drinks!
  • i'll show up if it doesn't rain!
  • awesome! I'll be there by 6, maybe earlier.
  • For Andy:

    Dunlays BLT Loads of bacon, lettuce and tomato and cheese stacked high $7

    Kedzie Club Sandwich Ham, bacon and chicken with cheddar, lettuce, tomato and basil mayo $8

    Grilled Chicken Sandwich Marinated chicken breast, jack cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion $8.5

    Grilled Fish Sandwich blackened, served with cajun remoulade, lettuce, tomato and onion $9
  • dunlays had burgers for half off last year, rick, ramon, chase and i went and got some and they were really good, i may even pay full price for one!
  • they do have nightly specials on drinks, food, etc. Hopefully they have a nice drink one tonight.
  • Have fun you guys!
  • I might come up there to that far northwestern part of the city. I'll call you if I get lost
  • edited June 2008
    Don't forget your passport Teri Tari.
  • they have pretty good food, their drinks are a bit pricey compared to HV and other places.
  • Well, seeing as though I've been utterly and completely ignored, Dunlay's it is!
  • Did you guys hear something?
  • Yeah, I think TERI said something.
  • gut I feel your pain, I have made numerous references to the other fine establishments in Logan Square....
  • I think dunlay's has drink specials (maybe martinis and some kind of beer tonight?), so hopefully something good.

    Rick, I do want to try orbit room and kuma's sometime (and go to streetside, etc.). Maybe next drinks, after a couple rounds of drinks in uk village and other neighborhoods, we can come back to ls and go to one of those places!
  • Posted By: tariYeah, I think TERI said something.
  • edited June 2008
    :) heehee

    (side note: I have no problemo with Logan Square. I just don't like not being able to walk over to B's house anymore!)
  • No one's stopping you from walking over to B's. I can walk to B's though because I'm Logan -S cool.
  • let's continue the bickering at the bar!
  • Kevin; sandwich data noted and appreciated. I would just like to say that I'm two thumbs up up up for a beer this week. Feel like I haven't seen anyone for ages!
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