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4th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show (Chicago)

We'll be pouring wine and schmoozing in the back of our truck a week from tonight. Yes, there will be booze, at least in our truck, and at least for my friends... We'll be running a little drink mixing station at the back of the truck.

Here's the concept: independent furniture designers and artists descend upon a regular Chicago street ..a street normally bustling with trucks laden with meat and produce, they pull up to the curb with their 15-foot panel trucks, throw the back door up, and bam, semi-nomadic furniture showroom.

Morlen Sinoway Atelier is the host of the 4th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show, allowing independent artists and furniture/product designers to show off their hard work to the masses.
For just three hours (NeoCon will be in full swing only a short cab ride away) West Fulton Market will be packed with mobile showrooms; rented 15-foot trucks rigged up to show off the goods.

Soooooo if you were one of the few that missed the invite on Facebook or MySpace, here you go.
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