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Chicago flash Developers

edited June 2008 in Random
Hi everybody,
I'm new, a friend of Aaron Salmon. I heard him go on and on about the corks and decided to check it out.

I'm wondering if there are any Flash developers in chicago looking for work, freelance or full-time. I'm working for a company called inverted creative and we're starting to get more flash work than we can handle. we do mostly widgets and Facebook/OpenSocial applications.

We've got some really amazing clients and more lined up.

Time Warner:

Men's Health
Game Show Network

New Movies:
Hamlet 2
The Clique

In talks with :
People Magazine
American Idol

So If you're a Flash Devloper, Junior or Senior hit me up. It's a great place to get some high profile work under your belt.

Justin Miles


  • It's both, but we're pretty much set on designers. We can always use "double threat" designer/developer, or a designer who has enough Flash know how to get everything imported into Flash and seperated out into objects, and perhaps write a little AS.

  • Man, I spent about 30min yesterday just working out how to embed a Flash file into Powerpoint, so I'm of little use. Welcome though! Any friend of Aarons is...a friend of Aarons ha ha.
  • andy I saw you outside the globe on sunday smoking. I was heading the other way and didn't want to yell at you.
  • Hey other Justin, we should talk.
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