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Corks camping trip 2008 idear - w/ video!

edited June 2008 in Events & Planning
so, after consulting w/ my trusted advisors (tari & b), i'm putting up the idea to go up to the turtle flambeau flowage in late september, when the trees in the north woods of WI are starting to change, the days are in the 70s and the nights are in the 50s. this place is AWESOME! there's no one around and your private island campsite can only be reached by a short canoe trip (canoes are supplied by a local outfitter). it's a 6.5-7 hour drive from chicago but, having been there 3 times in 8 years, it's totally worth it. I put this video together to give you a better idea of what i'm talkin' about:


  • that looks beautiful and sounds like a nice trip
  • That does look fabulous.
  • Very pretty. Don't think I could go at that time, though, because I'll probably be in California. :( (well, :) for California, but :( for not being able to go to turtle flambeau flowage if that's when the trip is).
  • Well that would be suck if you guys couldn't make it. When's the trip? Let's pick a date then. For sure, we'd need to take off Friday as well because, well, a 6.5 hour drive for only sat & sun would suck. Here are the dates:

    Sept 19-21, 26-28 and Oct 3-5. I'm free for all.
  • Looks great - I've always wanted to explore the great North!
    We have a busy summer though :( So we'll have to wait and see.

    Totally down for shorter, (one or 2 night) closer camping trips. Galena - Starved Rock etc. There's a cute little park to camp at near Champaign called Kickapoo. Remember Kickapoo B?
  • Is that the park we went to when the canoe tipped over?
  • Shorter trips? Come on guys, this place is tops! Since it's not critical that we give the outfitters advanced notice and since it's not crazy busy up there, if you can narrow down when you're heading out west, we can schedule something w/ short notice. Of course, at the end of the day, going camping SOMEWHERE is the main thing I guess. Anyone else got idears?
  • I love camping. It's not an idea, but hey.
  • Thats a great video too, btw.
  • Any more ideas?
  • Tari, I think you said the area around Galena is super pretty, right? How far is that drive?
  • Galena is very pastoral, hilly and pretty. We camped at Palisades state park near the Mississippi. Kayaking in the Mississippi backwaters too.

    It is like 3 hours I think.
  • We went there last summer, that's where we adopted our kittens! I liked Galena camping. We'd be in for something closer if we were around.
  • KITTENS!! Are we ready to pick a date then? T&B, what r your flight plans in September? Late September is always cool because it's still nice & warm during the days but cooler & night.
  • We're heading out to california the week of September 17th.
  • Cool. So how does everyone feel then about going somewhere the weekend of 9/26?
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