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Beer tonight anyone?

edited July 2008 in Events & Planning
I'm in the mood. Any takers? Lemme know!


  • i could possibly be up for it. happy v?
  • working until 5:30 in the north, may get off early
    if i do i'll text you andy

    let the holiday wknd begin!
    walked to the lake this morningand took my time - round 2 hours
    man it is good to be in the city of chicago on this gorgeous day and it is peaceful! i love remaining in town while others hit the road, some tumbleweeds down damen today

    hand me a beer!
  • Tumbleweeds? You lucky bastard; i've never seen one.

    Off at 4 today, getting my haircut at 4.15, then I'll wander a bit, check out the new scooter shop (I'm totally getting a scooter you know) and I shall be at the HV at say 6. DO it you slack bastards!
  • edited July 2008
    I'll be there!
  • sorry, we can't make it this week - Tari and i are in St. Louis.
  • Laura is in the car up north heading to Happy Village now. I'll probably be there at 5:30
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