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Corks drinks Thursday July 10th

edited July 2008 in Events & Planning
If corks fun day is the 12th, maybe we can make it a full-blown Corks week and have drinks on the 10th! Maybe finally get a game of ping pong going at happy village?


  • bump!

    how about making drinks tonight instead, to congratulate mike and erika?
  • I have class tonight - but please buy M&E a drink on me :)
  • I'm in, if they're definitely going.
  • i think they are... but yeah, i'll show up.
  • good! i can't make it tomorrow, so this is fabolos.
  • Thanks guys--- it'd be awesome if you all could come tonight.

    Then...we can play a game of celebration kiriki...and then we can win all your money... becuase we have a wedding to pay for. :)

    We'll be there around 6.
  • I wish I could go, but I have 4 apt viewings that start at 5:30.

    Congrats again on the engagement.
  • thanks for partying and letting the newly engaged take all your money -- you been hustled sucka!
  • Thanks for coming out guys! Getting engaged makes me hung over. :)
  • Fun times-I want to try the dice game again, except with perhaps a bandit mask over my mouth so no one can see my non-poker face.
  • I still came out up 5 dollars. Except I spent about 25 on beers. You getting engaged makes me hung over too.
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