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  • what? married people are gay!

    no seriously, awesome! Congratulations! when's the wedding?
  • congrats! that is a very nice looking ring.
  • Congrats to you both! What an awesome idea, hiding it in the dolls like that.
  • Fucking aces!
    Now have a baby and move to San Diego.
    See you soon!
  • Thanks dudes!

    Mark, we are already packing our bags. Hope you have comfy couches, cause we're sleeping in your bed.

    People that still live in chicago (and therefore are still cool), we may be going to Happy Village on wednesday for a little celebration if anyone wants to stop by.
  • congratulations guys! that is a beautiful ring!
  • Congratulations indeed! What a romantic idea those dolls are :)
  • the dolls are so charming, congratulations and best wishes!
  • Mike, those dolls are amazing-what a great idea for a proposal, and a beautiful ring, too! Congratulations, you two! I love those photos-you look so happy!
  • Congrats guys!
  • looking at these pics, it is undeniable how happy you two are together
    congrats and that engagement goes down in the books as one of the most creative i've ever seen
  • Awe, thanks everyone. :)

    I was super surprised... I was crying because I thought the dolls were such a thoughtful gift (I'm a HUGE crier, I cry to express a spectrum of emotion), so I was even more touched/excited/shocked to see a ring inside. It was a great weekend, we're happy. Thanks for all your well wishes and congrats!

    Come have a drink with us tomorrow if you can make it.
  • image

    Thats so awesome! congrats!!!! Great pics, beautiful ring and a nice banana if i may say so.
  • Many congratulations and I just love that ring, I am not a big fan of traditional diamond engagement rings but this one is a beauty.
    how about another fish tank as a wedding gift? but you can't hide it in the closet.
  • best gift idea ever!
  • Congrats on the engagement. Marriage doesn't change things that much until you introduce a baby.
  • AWESOME!!!! May you have many, glorious days filled w/ canoeing, halloween parties, corks drinks and Days of Fun for years to come!
  • Congratulations fer sher! You guys are an awesome couple!
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