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lollapalooza '08

edited August 2008 in Events & Planning
is anyone going to lollapalooza today (Fri)? and/or sunday? i just got a free 3-day pass but it seems like everyone is MIA this weekend so far...


  • i *might* be able to get one more 3-day pass (free!) if i claim it fast...
  • oh shoot! I'd love to go but my sister is coming up from Monticello....have fun!
  • Lollapalooza tis for youngsters, all that debauchery and heat makes for one sweet cesspool. I'd love to see Rage aga Machine

    Tip 1 for Lolla
    Last time I went I took two large bottles of water which I froze solid the night before. They gotta have the seals intact though or you can't get in with them. Best thing I ever did. Cold water all day long pretty much.
  • thanks for the tip!
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