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Good outdoor bars/restaurants?

edited August 2008 in Random
Anyone have suggestions for good restaurants/bars downtown or in west loop/wicker park that have an outdoor area that can handle about twenty to thirty people? I'm helping plan a going away party for someone at work. I called Zed451 (or whatever that place is called) and Nomi and they're too expensive.


  • Piccolo Sogno
    464 N Halsted St, between W Grand and W Hubbard; Warehouse District; 312.421.0077

    I cannot remember the other place I was reading about. It has a restaurant on one floor and bar that serves food on a higher floor and it is supposed to be better that the restaurant.

    Motel Bar - Dont they have a outdoor area?

  • Thanks, Rick!
    I think they want food, so Phyllis's's's probably won't work. I'll look into your other suggestions, muchas gracias!
  • b,

    There is the Cat's Meow on Chicago Ave. They have a really nice outdoor area, but I haven't heard anything positive about the food or spirits. My friend said to avoid their cocktail menu as it is sub par and the food is just average bar food
  • interesting. I'll check it out on yelp. I like the name. ;)
  • There must be a ton of places, but for the life of me I can't think of any, sorry. I guess we don't hang out round those areas very much.
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