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Female baby names, thoughts??

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So I'm having another girl, not me personally but I like to think I had a hand in it. So now we are searching for baby name ideas? Analysis Mr Spock.


  • Here's a list of the top 10 unisex names in the US Jordan, Alexis, Angel, Riley, Peyton, followed by Taylor, Cameron, Jayden, Avery, and Jaden. I recommend not picking one of these, although I do like the name Avery.

    Here's a list of the most popular "modern" girls names Annika, Ansley, Ava, Avery, Aviva, Clementine, Eleanor, Ella, Emma, Fiona, Flannery, Grace, Isabel, Kate, Lara, Linden, Maeve, Marie-Claire, Maya, Philippa, Phoebe, Quinn, Sophie, and Waverly. Avery is on the list again.

  • Thanks, our pup is named Ella so won't be going there. Looking for something not so popular or top 10. We called our first wee one Blythe.
  • Annika? Aviva? Linden? Maeve? Phillippa? Waverly?

    Those are the most popular? Has anybody ever met anyone with these names?
  • Congratulations!

    I taught a girl named Maeve, had a teacher named Phillippa, and work with someone named Aviva. But I'm very surprised to see those names are most popular (even as modern) names!

    I like Avery, too, Melissa. Quinn and Clementine are cute. That list ain't bad.

    Violet is pretty. And Iris, now that I'm thinking about flowers. I always liked Bluebell, too, but probably not the best name for a baby.
  • Welsh baby names are pretty, too, ie. Aderyn and Awen. (LOTR reminiscent, hee). Is Blythe a Welsh name?
    And Laleh is pretty (Persian for tulip, yep more flowers).

    Names are fun!
  • madison is so overdone at this point . and what's the other one - lucy? i like them both but there are a lot out there

    i like charlotte

  • Congratulations...again, I have always liked the names Natalie (Nathalie) and Claire but you can always fall back on Hermione.
  • i have coworkers with kids named Annika, Taylor and Isabel :)

    So funny how names change over the generations.

    I like Eva or Antonia. Our neice is named Lina which is adorable!
  • Thanks everyone, some interesting suggestions.
    To me Taylor will always belong to Charlton Heston in Planet of the Bushes.

    We are thinking along the lines of Ruth, Claire, like Charlotte too. Also like Lucy, I think thats cos I was a Xena fan ha ha.
    I like Eva too or the Irish version Aoife(eefa) and Maeve but feel they might be obliterated in pronunciation cos of the spelling.

    No matter what we end up calling her, her ghetto name will be Simone Shanequa Brandy Chastaine.....

    Blythe is English in origin
  • I remember the fun my friends had trying to call their daughter Molli and at the same time I understand there should be some restraint used in naming kids. I remember being on the Metra one time reading a book and hearing some dude saying the word Mahogany over and over, he was trying to get the attention of a child on the upper level. A fine wood mahogany but a childs name, not so much.
  • My favorite Irish girl's name is Róisín. Hey look at that, pasting from Wikipedia included the extra marks.
    Trouble is, I think folks here might have trouble spelling or pronouncing it, like you mention above, which you probably don't want. Hmm. I also like Rebecca, Emily, Natasha. My sis is called Jenny which is a nice one I've always thought. Naming a human being; I feel privileged!

    ps I'm feeling na bit of a cold today Dave; don't know if I can make it tonight. Could we meet up tomorrow perhaps? The other thing is that I just did a 2-day ass-kicking motorbike training course, and the test is tomorrow at 7am. Wish me luck; hopefully we could celebrate tomorrow!
  • Good luck Andy! We want photos!
  • congratzzzz! naming something is hard enough, but a baby... i mean you can't renig on that one.

    Ps. that ghetto name is pretty good, maybe just use that?!?
  • Some I forgot, Emma and Lola
  • Aaaah yes Róisín (row-sheen) as in get the fuck away from my daughter Charlie Sheen. Yeah that would get killed here.
    That ghetto name is cool but I don't think she'll get into harvard with a name like that unless she's there to clean tha bogg.
  • edited August 2008
    Lots of ideas here:

    The bad baby names blog
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