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Can't take those British anywhere!

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    Ahh, my people.

    "Tis no revels without there being some fightings" goes a saying from 1641. We've been drinking too much for centuries.
    "The rolling English drunkard made the rolling English road", said GK Chesterton very nicely. Full text here (
  • What? "alfresco oral sex contest"?

    What does alfresco mean in that statement?
  • You don't know who Al Fresco is? And you are a Briton too you know...
  • Yes, Al "lucky bastard" Fresco...
  • T, that's true, which may explain my propensity to drunkenly bitchslap airline stewardesses and demand more vodka and fresh air.
  • five beers; six specialty drinks combined with Baileys, tequila, absinthe, ouzo, vodka, gin and orange juice; five vodka and lime drinks; and then five cans of Stella Artois, all of which, he said, emboldened him to pick up a woman to spend the night with....

    Yeah I'm thinking he rocked her world................
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