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Oi International Corks! Help solve the South Korean Crisis!

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Hello Friends!

One of my students is going abroad next month to London for a year. The poor guy is so sweet, but unprepared for immersion at this point (he has trouble understanding my slowed down American speech, I can't imagine him whilst "wanka" and "bollocks" and what not are being thrown out him at a staccato pace).

I told him that I would poll my limey friends for slang and idioms to help him out (Koreans are taught American english and I'm sure any slang they learn is text book and circa 1995, he has "awesome" down pat).

So my dear Corks, please help me put together a list of things that he can expect to hear and not understand that are particular to Brittish english. He'll be overwhelmed either way, but I want to give the little guy a little edge.


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    Cool, first a Science thread, now a Limey one.

    Here's a not-bad list of unique colloquialisms words he could study:

    Or, to totally confuse him, suggest Douglas Adams' meaning of Liff (, which is hilarious but of zero use really.

    Or, the legendary Teach Thissen Tyke (for Yorkshire folks), which I can just about read now. Examples:
    "oowashywi, washywiersen?"
    and the timeless exchange between man and wife in the morning:

    Finally, check Roger mellie's Profanisaurus on Viz:

    Ay theng yew!
  • "oowashywi, washywiersen?" means "Who was she with, was she with herself?" by the way, in case that was confusing the shit out of you.
  • bloody! we don't say it here and when i do i feel very madonna
  • I've sent him away with bloody and wanker (he is very apple pie beyond those). I told him to avoid saying "wanka" and another student who has been in London before told him "bloody" is a swear.

    I can't comprehend english speak right now--I'm still stuck on the basics of Korean.

    Please give me slang and definitions!
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