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Election 2008

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Let's discuss!

One would think the current Republican ticket is a joke, but it's not. And it seems a lot of (crazy) people are excited about McCain/Palin. Wtf?!

What do you guys make of all this?


  • All I know is:

    if the only difference between Palin('hockey mom' - omg I hate that label so so much) and a pitbull is lipstick then she is really creepy.

    And she wears her lipstick outside of her lipline! Gross!
  • and she kills wolves!

    and she thinks the Earth is 6,000 years old!

    and she doesn't know what the VP does!
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    She looks like the actress that plays Stifflers mom but brunette

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    More like the psychiatrist from the Sopranos:


  • Close to Russia=Experience
  • letterman made a great comment last night...she looks like a model for lens crafters.

    honestly, how could any republican continue to criticize obama for lack of experience with palin as the vp pick. come. on. just another example, in my opinion, as to how oblivious the republican party is to the rest of the country.

    i'm turning into tari! :) heart you!!!
  • i have been having these bad reactions to the RNC. we sit down to watch and all of sudden i get really antsy, start moving about the living room, restless, averting eyes - it's been a real challenge to watch the schpele (sp?) that i so cannot believe in . . ..
    and really i think it's a grand fear of mine. i look at the crowd at the RNC and it looks like all of them have a little bit of the crazy in their eyes. and what is spoken is so obscene, farcical, an americana rhetoric that has failed. i have a fear - this cannot happen.

    *are their republican corks?
  • (I think it's 'spiel')

    I had the same reaction Laura; couldn't watch more than a few seconds, had to run away and play Medieval2 to escape it all.

    Here's Steve Bell's of the Guardian's fabulous caricature of Palin:
  • I force myself to watch, its painful and there is a lot of yelling at the television... and I may end up knitting faster than usual due to the anger... but I feel like its only fair to listen to the other side. If I want the republicans to put down their guard and listen to the promise of alternative energy, an end to the war and a stable middle class then I feel like I must do my part and turn my ear to their rhetoric. I have to admit, I get angry listening to them insist they'll lower taxes and while they're at it they'll keep the war going because they can. Hell, maybe everyone can even yell 'victory' now and then, people love victory.

    Ok, so I'm not as open minded as I'd like to be. But, it makes no sense. You can't have it both ways. I want rich people to pay taxes. I want our troops home and leave the Iraqi oil alone and invest in green technology.

    I can't agree more though, especially after watching this, the republicans and Sara Palin are very scary.

    On that note... I have a hard time understanding how anyone believes she's a good candidate. I mean, it seems like a joke, right? Well, I just overheard a coworker on the phone saying, "I almost wish she (Palin) was the candidate." I guess that 'hail mary' choice works in some cases.
  • I watched a little, couldn't watch any more. I felt like I was being brainwashed by all these fervent weirdos. It felt like the deprogramming scene from Clockwork Orange. Really disturbing. Everytime something was said people were jumping to their feet clapping and shit. They could have been cheering for the rape of small children. It reminded me of that scene where chef was brainwashed into the Superadventure Club.

    The wife and I plus baby decided we're moving to Europe if the McAiniacs get elected. Then we will have a Euro Jolly Corks.
  • i have never thought this before. but i don't think i can live here in mccain world should that happen. and god forbid (i never say that but it seems appropriate here) that something happens to mccain and that woman is commander in chief - or whatever female version is - that CAN"T BE
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    Intelligent people truly are in the minority in this country. I knew this last election as well, but the fact that the poll numbers are still so close today is concrete proof. I don't doubt that Sarah Palin could be a swell lady in the same vein that someone might want to have a beer with Bush, however this does not make someone qualified to be in executive office. John McCain could very potentially keel over at any minute, and they're telling us that a 'hockey mom' with 5 kids, one with special needs, who only until this last year in her 46 on earth has travelled outside of the country is prepared to step in and lead the free world? How stupid must we be? I would have no issue whatsoever about a woman being in office if she were qualified, but it's really interesting how the pundits keep saying that Biden must wear kid gloves when debating her because women will think he's being too mean. I think that if John McCain's heavy handed choice to pick up Hillary's supporters by choosing a woman is not sexist or completely undermining the intelligence of women altogether, he could have at least chosen someone that is as strong as Hillary and would be able to get in the ring no matter what gender they are.

    Unfortunately I think this election, like every other election, is going to come down to domestic issues like abortion and tax reform, to which the 'heartland' always side with the conservative ticket. Obama has said many profound things in this campaign (his acceptance speech almost moved me to tears..), but what is wrong with saying things along the lines of "if a woman's right to choose = murder, what do you call the intentional repeated bombings of innocent civillians"? And to that point, where do the GOP think that terrorists really come from - is it because they truly hate Americans and their religious beliefs, or is because for the last 30 years we've been raping their countries for oil and then bombing them when they resist?

    I think that Bristol Palin's reluctant boyfriend sums up the GOP for anyone who doesn't already know: "I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- - - and just f - - -in' chillin' I guess," he wrote before his MySpace page was removed. "Ya f - - - with me I'll kick [your] ass." After all of this in his profile, it says "I don't want kids"... CLASSIC!
  • Well, at least the House and Senate are both Democratically controlled.

    I'm optimistic about Obama's chances. I personally know many former Republicans from rural areas who are going to vote for Obama. :) The Iraq war really affects them more - since their sons and daughters are more likely to serve over there and die. They really want the troops home!

    And the conservative Religious Right base would never vote for Obama anyway.

    There are 6 million Americans living abroad too who get to vote!
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    my co-worker sent me this - love it!

    Image Hosted by
  • I liked this one.

  • Did anyone see Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson? She couldn't answer the questions!
  • AND...she says nuclear incorrectly. who keeps telling the republicans that they should pronounce it NUKE-YOU-LER. come. on! if you can't say it, you should NOT discuss any aspect of it.

  • Hey, I just found out one of the candidates has a pet from South America, with bells tied around its neck.

    That's right, it's an Obama Llama Ding-Dong!
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    Posted By: baharehDid anyone see Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson? She couldn't answer the questions!
  • an Obama... Llama... Ding-Dong?!? Wow.
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