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Any serious gamers out there?

edited September 2008 in Random
If so what do you make of this controller? There is a movie file of it in action on the Contact us page.


  • Looks interesting, but it's not even for sale yet. I'd stick with the good old mouse/keyboard for the mo, see what people think of it when it's launched (and the price) then make your mind up.
  • Andy, how is Sir Daniel Fortescue the second time around?
  • Eh? Talking about Medieval 2? I just slayed a bunch of cannon-toting elephants with Scottish pikemen if that's what you mean. The blood runneth, let me tell you.
  • ha, awesome.

    Best skeleton character ever!
  • (well, right behind Jack Skellington).
  • this would be a benefit for games where you only need like, 5 buttons. So that chopper game on the demo. I can't think of a PC game that I would use this for, and I dont know if it's for consoles, but those controllers tend to be just fine.
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