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Thursday drinks 9/25

edited September 2008 in Events & Planning


  • you can get drinks and cheap art on thursday at:

    Chicago: Atomic Sketch! And better yet it runs from 6-10, at Evil Olive at 1551 W. Division Avenue, Chicago.

    Confirmed Panelists for 9/25/08:
    JE Baker
    Kenneth Allan Carrano
    Sara Renae Jones
    Jeremiah Ketner
    Frederick Kobrick
    Joyce Vallejo
    Brett Whitacre
    Ryan P. Young
  • Joyce Vallejo
    Any relation to Boris?

  • B & I were thinking of stopping by Dunlay's this eve.
  • I'd like to go, but I'm too tired, running around all over these last few days. Sorry!
  • we watched the office instead. anyone else watch it? squeal!
  • Hey, if anyone fancies a beer TONIGHT, I'm meeting a pal at the Happy Village around 6. It's a nice day out there people....
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