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PC folks-ever have the svchost.exe problem?

edited October 2008 in Random
It seems I either have a crazy bug on my home computer or a virus. Google reveals that svchost.exe is usually not a virus but may be having issues caused by a virus, and thus I can't remove it from my computer without major damage. Has anyone had this issue before?


  • what is happening to your machine? is the system error referencing svchost.exe?
  • I can't get on the internet via internet explorer or mozilla, and some files are crashing. My computer is running at 100% cpu usage. I tried to go into processes and stop the svchost.exe processes, but that causes my computer to automatically shut down. svchost.exe is apparently a necessary component of windows, but there's some weird virus or 'attack' causing everything to go wonky.
  • This is what I do when I think a gremlin might have sneaked in:

    1. Go to, download and run the excellent hijackthis software

    2. After the run, grab all the text produced in the log file, go here - , paste into the box on the page and hit the 'analyze' button

    3. In a few seconds, it will produce a list of all your running processes and whether or not any of them are considered nasty. Very useful. Of course, if you find you do have nasties, it could be a real bitch to remove them. First things first though. Paste a copy of the log file here too, and I'll have a look myself

  • awesome! I will do this tonight. Thanks Andy! <:P
  • Welcome! I would suggest a beer tonight, but it's baseball and the Palin laughathon tonight; I have to stay in!
  • " ....well to answer that I'd like to talk about my energy policy...."
    "But all I asked was when your birthday was.."
  • hee

    So I tried to go to that site, Andy, using the roundabout way of getting on internet (opening folder and typing in web address, because I can't open Internet explorer or mozilla), and I can't download anything from that site, or from many other virus attacking sites. :(

    I did finally get another anti virus program that I was able to download and use, but even after it cleaned everything, my CPU usage went to normal but I can't get on IE or mozilla still. WTF!
  • Hmmm. Without looking at it directly, it's hard to suggest anything really useful. Tried safe mode or system restore? Copy hijackthis to it with a usb memory stick thingy? Surely Justin or Sebastian could lend a hand.
  • Well, they're mac boys...

    I think I will try system restore...
    how do you boot up in safe mode?
  • On a Dell, Tap F8 at the start screen - should switch you to a DOS-type screen where you can choose your boot type.
    I'd forgotten they were Mac types. What do they do if it goes wrong - buy a new one?
  • You just bring the bad one to the apple store & they give you a new one.
  • bad apple!

    Andy, thanks for the help-I think I am now armed with hijackthis on a jump drive, so hopefully I can download and run it later. Cross fingers!
  • How do you like them apples?
  • quit downloading porn.

    (ah who am i kidding that's impossible)
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