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edited October 2008 in Random
This is super cuteness. Thank goodness they were flown back!

Also, though-while these lucky penguins survived, many didn't. :( Warmer currents have been confusing more and more penguins who stray too far.


  • and who survived a devastating stanley cup finals loss to come back and win their first 2008-2009 regular season game against the ottawa senators in stockholm, sweden last weekend?

    the PITTSBURGH penguins!

    i know no one cares, but that was my first thought when i saw this title. yay, me. for real, though, i'm glad the little fellas found a way!!!
  • Three cheers for penguins, feathered or suited up!
  • so...the PITTSBURGH penguins played the OTTAWA senators in....Stokholm, sweden? Why?
  • kelly - you have us trained -
    when i saw the post i just assumed it was about hockey not birds. ha.
  • the nhl has recently taken to having a european site as a season opener. last year it was l.a. vs. anaheim in london. this year was a whopping double-dose of europe: penguins and senators in stockholm and ny rangers/tampa bay in prague. generating excitement and all that. at least people there like hockey, i say!

    and laura? well done. you learn well and make me proud!
  • funny you should say that, laura...when i saw b posted it, i assumed it was about animals, but KNEW kelly would tie it back to her beloved hockey :)
  • tracy. the shoelace is back.
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