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Cycling Jerseys

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Does anyone know much about cycling jersey's? What brand is better? Primal Wear or Champion System?


  • i've never heard of champion system and i've never worn either. but primal has been around for a while and they make some pretty cool ones. i would assume if their jerseys sucked then no one would be them.
  • thanks for the input
  • Depends what you're using them for but I wouldn't bother with either.
    Go to Belmont Army Surplus (is it still over on Milwaukee?) and hit the rack in the basement. They've got classy old-school jerseys for $10/each that beat the shit out of anything you're going to buy from Performance.

    Or go to Back Country Outlet and have a dig around:
    They've generally got some really good deals on some nice Castelli or Adidas jersey.
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    I think I would be covered in Rapha gear from head to toe on every ride if only it wasn't so absurdly bloody expensive.
  • OMG Marc has graced my thread with his presence.

    Essentially we are in the preliminary stages with a client who is kind of like a threadless but for the cycling community. The project is pretty cool, and the owners are big bike enthusiasts, this is a project I hope comes to fruition. They plan to do a lot of cycling promotion etc... starting in chicago then expanding to other states.

    Those are the 2 jerseys they were looking at for printing on. Does anyone have other jersey companies I should have them look at? They will also be printing on shirts also. Some of the stuff is up in the air.
  • Sounds awesome.

    I do hope that if this project gets off the ground, you can pull some strings to make the official corks cycling kit a reality.
  • that's a sweet job! get some wool ones

    actually, i found these giordana blank jerseys for $20 a piece, that's a really good deal. I had one of their jersey's long ago and liked it.
  • Ugh... I looked into this for work a while ago. You'll want to find a custom maker to do a dye sublimation job on some blanks. You can't really go and buy a bunch of random jerseys and just screenprint them because the fabric moves differently that cotton.

    Pactimo was the company I ended up settling on (and never using...)

    But here are a couple of others:

    Be great fun to design some kit because there are so many options! The design template has hundreds of panels to fuck with. Let me know how it goes!

    Might be worth getting in touch with Naz from ChiFG as he did the Half Acre team kit and did a pretty nice job on it:
    Here's his site:
  • fyi, we landed teh job. I will be broadcasting stuff here on out about it. it should be pretty cool!
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